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A note from me to you

I have spent the last few years thinking about you every single day while writing this book. I hope that you feel how much I respect you and your unique journey. 

Our daily lives are bombarded with filtered, altered and even falsified images of perfection. While I am not immune to those pressures I am committed to remain focused on the value of the messy middle stages of life and to remain proud of my, and our, imperfect efforts. 

I would like to offer you a personal invitation to join a tribe of likeminded people who are stepping up and demanding more from their lives; more joy, more meaning, more peace, more security. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean more fame or wealth or influence (although that can be part of it). The actual essential components in a happy life are the pride, peace and security that come from feeling like you are in the driver's seat and are the star of your own life. 

No life is too small and no dream is too big to be worthy of investment. 

Thank you for showing up and not only taking steps to make your own dreams come true but for being an inspiration and guide to everyone around you to do so as well. 

You inspire me. Thank you for being here!